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Floating IPs


I'm getting problems with my little openstack cloud. My scenario is this:

  1. one server (controller + network in the same machine) with 3 NICs (managment, data and external network). In this case, managment and external share the same physical network but in configuration files, managment interface has an IP and external has no IP address.
  2. two computes with 2 NICs (managment and data network).

After creating a private (tenant) network, instances running on both compute can ping each other with no problem.

neutron net-create demo-net
neutron subnet-create demo-net --name demo-subnet --gateway

However, after creating a public network and assigning an floating IP, this IP is assigned and associated correctly, but I can't ping and I can't ssh to the floating IP. I have added SSH and ICMP in my security group...

neutron net-create ext-net --shared --router:external True --provider:physical_network external --provider:network_type flat
neutron subnet-create ext-net --name ext-subnet --no-gateway --allocation-pool start=STARTING_POOL_FLOATING,end=ENDING_POOL_FLOATING --disable-dhcp PUBLIC_NETWORK
neutron router-create demo-router
neutron router-interface-add demo-router demo-subnet
neutron router-gateway-set demo-router ext-net

As I have commented before, PUBLIC_NETWORK is the same for eth0 and eth2 (both network and wired to the same switch). The only difference is in the configuration file "ifcfg-ethX": for "0" there is an IPADDR and NETWORK and for "2" there are no parameters (only PROMISC="yes" because I have read that external interface needs to be in promiscuos mode).

If I run ping through netns, it runs: "ip netns qrouter-XXX exec ping FLOATING_IP" Also, I can run a bash: "ip netns qrouter-XXX exec /bin/bash" and I go to "somewhere" where I can see private and floating IP, with 2 interfaces (a qr-xxxx-yy and a qg-xxxx-yy). First of that has the private IP and second one has the public (floating IP).

What am I doing wrong in configuration? I need to get access through floating IPs. How can I debug more information?

Thanks a lot!!!