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Are there any non-commercial "holistic" OpenStack distributions?

Suppose I want to start a private cloud for a small digital start-up and want to have a "holistic" experience, i.e., not only have the base OpenStack components, but also solutions for management issues, such as scaling, monitoring, backup, etc.. What OpenStack distribution would you recommend me which is 100% Open Source and does not have any vendor lock-in?

The reason why I'm asking: there are many OpenStack services available, which would allow me to rapidly provision such a private cloud, e.g., Platform9, StratoScale, ZeroStack, etc., but they all require me to have a vendor lock-in into their management software - even if the software I have to install on the servers is more or less 100% Open Stack. Even Mirantis who claim to be 100% Open Source needs me to sign a subscription agreement in order to download and use their software. I would suspect that other people would have started an open source OpenStack distribution in order to keep vendor lock-in at bay.