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Hi Experts,

Could you help me with the answers to the below questions :

1.What is the operational basis of Openstack

          A. An open source platform that can be used to produced maintain IaaS
          B. Free open source software based on Apache
          C. An open solution platform facilitated and maintained by NASA and Rackspace
  1. What is the characteristic about using a Hybrid Cloud ?

         A. All existing types of clouds are used to boost computing performance
          B. Hybrid clouds operate on different platforms where different clouds can be used on and off premises
          C. when resources are not sufficient on a private cloud, public clouds can be used to compensate overload of resources
          D. data is shared across different clouds on and off premises
  2. When must be instance flavour be created

          A. After an instance is created
          B. During the instance creation  of  process
          C. Before instance is created
  3. Is it advisable to create images with an associated password A. No, because the images are often shared by the end users B. Yes it is always necessary C. Only for virtual instances D. Only for baremetal instances
  4. What is the limitation of NOVA networking

          A. A multitear network cannot be created
          B. No api
          C. IP addressing cannot be controlled
          D. IP management of VM instances is not possible

    5.What does Glance Provide ?

          A. Networking between the h/w components of an Openstack
          B. Discovery Registration and delivery services
          C. Authentation and Authorization for all of the Openstack services
          D. Object Storage that is API accessible and URL

6.What is the first step in building an image ?

          A. Start VM using a disk image file and connect it via VNC console
          B. Extract root partation kernal and ram
          C. Configure image with cloud init
          D. Retrive a that you are trying to make an image of

7.What is a security group ?

          A. A named collection of network access rules used to limit the traffic tides
          B. Having access to instances
          C. Used for creating firewalls
          D. A basic storage entity and any optional metadata that represents a file and

8.What component of Cinder architecture is responsible for managing backend storage devices?

          A. Cinder-Scheduler
          B. Cinder-Volume

9. In swift large files of any type can be stored, if very large in what size chunks they can be split up

          A. 2gb
          B. 6gb
          C. 10gb
  1. What is the reason that a central user authentication system such as keystone was developed for openstack ?

          A. Gives a user a login
          B. More secured and ….
          C. It allows user to participate
          D. single user entry
  2. The user, the service endpoint and keystone play a role of authentication and authorization of service requests. What is the final check before allowing a user a specific service request.

          A. The service endpoint verifies from its policy whether the service request is allowed
          B. Keystone notifies the service endpoint that the token is authenticated. 
          C. Keystone notifies the service endpoint that the token is authorized.
  3. Why does keystone provide a service catalogue ?

          A. To allow service endpoints to communicate with each other
          B. To allow keystone to access all
          C. To allow users to find service endpoints
          D. To allow service endpoints to authenticate user credentials
  4. Which networking component does neutron provide that nova networking doesn't ? A. DHCP B. GRE (Tunnelling) C. IPAM D. Address Management

  5. Which of the following is a use case for Neutron to replace Nova Networking ? A. Network as a Service B. Connect to networks external to openstack C. Provide a dhcp service unique per tenent networks

  6. Which of the following is true about floating IP address ? A. Floating IP address are used on behalf of instances B. Floating IP address are translated to fixed IP address to allow an instance initiate external communication

  7. What is the default perpose of Neutron DHCP agent that provides DHCP services to guests?

          A. Dnsmesq
          B. Iptables
          C. Ip
          D. dhcpd
  8. At any time it is possible to add and remove users in a security group, when are newly created rules applied ?

          A. When the instance is rebooted
          B. As soon as the instance
  9. Which of the following heat orchestration service components orchestrates the launching of templets and provides events back to api consumer ?

A. Heat Engine B. Heat API C. Heat cfn api