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Best way to delete VM from database if it is already deleted from computing node

Hello all,

have some old virtual machines (VMs) that are in an ERROR state because there was some error during their deletion. If I want to delete them, the machine stays in ERROR state. When I had a look on the compute node, on which it should run, I saw that it was already deleted from libvirt. Thus, there is only the entry in the mysql database remaining.

Deleting this entry via the OpenStack Dashboard, nova delete or nova force-delete results in an error. What is the best way to remove this entry from the database? (I use OpenStack Juno.)

  1. Create a VM manually that fits to the data in the database and then try to delete it with nova.
  2. Change the database manually.

Can you provide me with the required commands for any of both alternatives or a better solution?

Just a remark: If I create new VMs, they are deleted without any errors, now.