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VIPs are not reachable after fule-based installation


i have a problem with fuel 7 - i installed a controller and 3 kvm's for a small test-environment. after installation (fuel says "successfully deployed") i cannot reach the vip's of f.e. horizon or auth-url. but i can reach the controllers ip's without a problem. all the services are up and running. i can access horzion through the management network, but not through the public one.

so the problem is, as the vip's are not available, i can't do anything on kvm (f.e. create an instance), as the kvm host is not able to reach the vip's and their services like glance, authentication, etc. etc. - > Unable to establish connection to http://192.168.x.x:5000/v2.0/tokens

does some having the same problem while installing openstack throuth fuel ? does anyone know this / a solution for this problem ?

i really appreciate your help ! thanks in advance, chris