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Howto setup centos for packstack with (stable) Kilo release


I've been trying to wrap my head around openstack and the packstack concept of installation, in my success is quite ...intermittent :-(

I feel its not quite clear which repositories I should install/enable/disable/remove or something similar, depending on if I use fedora 22 or CentOS 7. One note says I NEED epel-repositories, and then I see the command "yum --disable epel-release" flashing past on the screen during packstack install.

But mainly, I'd like to know how I can specifically STAY within a specific release of Openstack, even when reinstalling, once in a while. Using the "rdo-releaserpm" repository always(?) points to the latest versions, and right *now, since liberty rdo/packstack installations fail 100%(cinder volume quota issues), I would like to attempt to back down to kilo, instead of liberty.

So if someone could easily indicate which - IF ANY - additional repositories I should add to a fresh install of CentOS 7 (or fedora 22 if you want, but I was told centos is a safer bet?!?), and how to ensure that I get the kilo release, I would be very thankful. Should I for instance use "--use-epel=y" to enforce those repositories?

I have tried with "", but that version consistently seems to fail installation.....

Btw. I am using a snapshotted fedora/centos VM, that I simply revert to its starting position every time I install, and this VM has worked fine for other installations with packstack. Its just that of the 50 or so runs I've dont with packstack, on the same VM...i think I've succeeded about 5...maybe ten times.