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Where is a successfull OpenStack Liberty implementation?

Hello everyone!

I want to tell about my experience with implementation and installation in test environment. I have an notebook Lenovo Thinkpad T420s and an OS Debian 8 installed on it. I have used a VMware Workstaion Player 12 to test OpenStack in virtual machines. Inside virtual machines I have used an OS Ubuntu 14.04. OpenStack Liberty. I have successfully installed two core components of OpenStack: Controller (Keystone, Glance, Nova part) and Compute (nova-compute) due manual installation. But when I tried to install a third node - a block storage (Cinder) - I had received an error message in logs: Endpoint does not support RPC version 1.24. This is a point where I am stuck.

But this is a only one particular case from big number of such cases. And in this forum I can see a huge amount of such questions - about 16000. I think that is abnormally. I want to figure out where the problem is? Why such good idea has so many problems in implementations in many people and enthusiasts? Main question: does anybody whenever had an successfull implementation or installation of core OpenStack: Controller, Compute, Block Storage? Or OpenStack is a raw software-constructor and even a development team doesn't know - is it working or not?