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First boot on ISO and subsequent boot on Volume

We have a setup in VMWare as follows:

  • Boot a blank VM with ISO image (presented as CDROM)
  • The ISO image connects to a server (say Server A) and registers in it
  • Once registered, the Server A installs a bootable software in the blank disk of the VM
  • Detach the CDROM from the VM
  • As part of the installation the software from Server A does multiple reboot of the VM and finishes its installation

We are trying to setup the same on Openstack instance

  • Boot/Create a new instance from ISO image with a volume attached to it
  • The IOS image connects and registers in Server A
  • The software in the third server installs a bootable software in the volume attached to the instance
  • Detach the ISO Image -----> unable to detach struck here

All the above steps are controlled by Orchestration tool. When instance reboots it always boots from ISO image since unable to detach and thus the process doesn't complete.

In other words, only the first boot should boot from ISO image and the next reboots are thru volume.

Any suggestion to simulate the VMWare steps in Openstack instance.