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Devstack with separate controller, neutron, and compute-nodes

I am going to simply beg for help in creating the localrc-files needed to create a devstack installation with separate controller, neutron-router, and X number of compute nodes.

All nodes have two interfaces, one for the "public" side, and one for the internal-management/api traffic. The neutron node has an additional un-used interface to the public side, to be used for br-ex/router traffic.

I've tried and failed, multiple times, following the multi-node examples, maybe because I dont want any provider networking, so I try to remove that cfg from templates/examples.

I would prefer to run with RDO-packstack, but since the success of running packstack with identical answer file seems to work like russian roulette with 5 bullets and one empty chamber, I am about to give up. (And since about a week ago always fail on glance-authentication with fedora22)

Will devstack localrc config be able to support what I would like? A controller that runs horizon, swift, cinder and api-services, a separate neutron node for routing and public ip access, and then compute-nodes using vxlan for network overlay?

Anyone that would be able to give me some tips and pointers apart from the default devstack examples, will be my hero!

Cheers, TQ