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Network in openstack.


I am an apprentice, and, my project is to deploy an openstack of test with 3 nodes, but i am in trouble with the network in openstack. So i have some question.

i see example architecture with one interface for controller, 3 for the network, and 2 for the compute. So what is the good architecure ? 2 interfaces for each node ? or 1 for contr, 2 for compute and 3 for network ? in my book andthe doc, i can see every node need two interfaces. The first for the management network, and the other for the public network. If i understand, the management network is used for communicate with the API, etc with node. The public node is for the rest. Where i got floating IP for VM, etc. Two interfaces in the network node, to connect to public. Two for the compute network, to communicate with network node with public network. But why controller need two interfaces ? For use Horizon in the public network ?

Have i right ? Or, i don't understand anything ? If i don't understand, please, explain too me, and don't said search. i have some book about openstack, neutron, and i read the document, but ... :/

And, if i am right, what is the address of network ? I got static address in range 172.17.7.x. So, public network is in this range, and the management network is in 10.x.x.x ? if yes, why ? For security ? or just for separate data VM of communication node ? For the moment, i have just one interface on each node, so i can't test for see if i have right.

Sorry for my bad english. Sorry for my incompetence, i'm new in network, and i want to learn a lot. Thanks you.

PS: I'am using liberty, and Centos 7.