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Where is the getting started documentation for dummies?

I have spent several hours reading about OpenStack but I am really struggling to find a document or video that speaks to a newbie like me. Everything that I have read or watched seems to jump right past a few important details that are preventing me from getting started.

My goal is to setup a high-availability webhosting server that is running cPanel. Since cPanel does not support high-availability I am hoping that I can setup my own OpenStack cloud and install cPanel on it to get redundancy. By high-availability I mean that I want to store hardware at two or three locations and if one of the locations loses power (or its internet connection) the webhosting and email services would not be interrupted.

We currently have a dozen sub-cPanels running on a VPS server at Bluehost. Over the past year Bluehost has gone completely down for more than 4 days. Because of the outages we have decided to move our hosting in-house. We are not interested in moving to a new hosting company...we want to bring it in house.

Here are my newbie questions:

  1. Should I even be considering OpenStack for this project?

  2. We have two offices that are about 30 miles apart. How many computers would we need to run a webserver that is running cpanel with if one location goes down the other will take over the traffic no downtime?

  3. Let's assume that our cloud is very small...perhaps 3 computers. What am I installing on each of these? Am I installing an Openstack client on all of them? Does one of the act as the primary server?

  4. When running a cloud with high-availability how often is the data replicated to each computer in the cluster?

  5. If we are running an e-commerce site and the internet goes down at one of the locations shortly after the customer places an order...what happens to that order?

  6. If one of the servers goes down for an hour and then it comes back online, is all of the data that came in during that hour (for example, hundreds of email messages) automatically copied to other servers in the cluster?

Thanks in advance for your reply!