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Inter VM communication in different network topologies

I have a use case upon which I need to work . Before starting on it I just wanted an opinion.

So the use case is that I have an openstack setup and that setup has 3 nodes(controller, Compute, network) and the network node ml2 driver is configured for vlan, vxlan, GRE networks. This means that my tenants have the option to create networks with any type of protocol like tenant1 has internal network of type vlan, Tenant2 has internal network of type vxlan and so on.

Now I have done a PoC where different networks of different tenants can communicate with each other as there was a router between them, but in that case they were all having some network type i.e all vlan or vxlan.

This time the tenants are having different network topologies. Can it work in that case. So my outcome will be VM1 network1 which is of VLAN type residing on tenant1 can talk to VM2 on network2 which is of GRE type residing on tenant2