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NOVA instance issue with BIOS HAS CORRUPT [hw] PMU RESOURCES..

Hi I have this weird issue.

I have openstack KILO on SUSE 11 and all good except when i fire up a instance from CIRRORS image the whole system (SUSE 11 ) rebooting , so again when I create a new instance (I am using the test cirrOS image), the instance ends up in error state and immediately my openstack server is rebooting with this error. i have checked with my hardware vendor HP and we have even replaced the mother board (thought some issues ) but after new mother board its the same error.


    I found this google talking where someone said to check QEMU/KVM in my nova i am using KVM, not sure if it can give you any clue. can you someone point to me what is the right fix.

Any help is highly appreciated.

BR, Rushi.