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rdo - neutron - multinode - single nic ?

Hi all, What i'm trying to do seems to be a tough call though it really shouldn't be. I have found very little information on it and have spent days struggling; it is fair to say that i'm getting slightly frustrated! :(

What I want to do is provision a multi node cluster, utilising neutron and provider networks. Our server nodes have 1 interface (bond0) - it is not possible to change this configuration, so I need to find away to coerce OpenStack to play nicely. I have tried configuring multiple linux bridges and openvswitch bridges, but it seems whatever I do i'm missing something.

Now I have been able to achieve exactly what I want to do using Ubuntu and Chef (following this guide: - HOWEVER, our infrastructure is CentOS based and we use puppet already - deploying RDO with packstack for our OpenStack is the logical choice.

Can anyone assist me in getting neutron up and running with a single nic in a multiple host environment with packstack/RDO?

Sample answer files would be most appreciated!!!


Barry O'donnell