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Neither image nor bootable volume is specified for instance Openstack Juno heat

Hi All,

I have setup openstack juno and trying to launch vm using heat orchestration but I am getting below error

[root@controller heat-oz]# heat stack-create -f test2.yml -e vk.env OL6 ERROR: Neither image nor bootable volume is specified for instance instance

[root@controller heat-oz]# cat vk.env parameters:

public_net: 048f927e-7d32-4253-b128-b5d5034e7100 private_net: d4f55ccf-176a-4764-81a8-05ad9cca54c0

#boot_vol: 6a94694d-96e3-48dc-b11f-96841d1604d9 ImageID: d463e54f-114e-41d1-8b17-7ade15e88a1e

flavor: m1.tiny

az: nova

host_name: OS7 key_name: vk

[root@controller heat-oz]# cat test2.yml heat_template_version: 2014-10-16


flavor: type: string description: Flavor az: type: string description: Availability-zone

public_net: type: string description: ID of public network

private_net: type: string description: ID of public network

key_name: type: string description: public-Key

ImageID: type: string description: Image use to boot a server

host_name: type: string description: File to be created


server_port: type: OS::Neutron::Port properties: network_id: { get_param: private_net }

floating_ip: type: OS::Neutron::FloatingIP depends_on: [ server_port ] properties: floating_network_id: { get_param: public_net } port_id: { get_resource: server_port }

bootable_volume: type: OS::Cinder::Volume properties: size: 10 image : {get_param: ImageID}

instance: type: OS::Nova::Server depends_on: [ server_port ] properties: flavor: { get_param: flavor } key_name: { get_param: key_name } block_device_mapping: - device_name: xvda volume_id: { get_resource: bootable_volume } networks: - port: { get_resource: server_port } availability_zone: { get_param: az }


floating_ip: value: {get_attr: [floating_ip, floating_ip_address]}

any help or clue will help me a lot.. is there any issue with HOT template?