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ssh not connecting to Ubuntu Server 14.04 instance

Hi Everybody,

Through Devstack, I have installed Openstack on a single node running Ubuntu Server 14.04 I am able to launch an instance on Openstack through pre-loaded image of cirros from dashboard. I can log onto this instance on a wireles LAN from any Linux workstation using the following: ssh -i key-pair.pem cirros@

I have launched another Ubuntu Server 14.04 instance on top of Openstack. I can ping this instance using its floating IP from any linux workstation.

However, when I do: ssh -i key-pair.pem ubuntu-user@ It says "ssh ..... Connection refused: port 22"

I did 'apt-get update' and 'apt-get upgrade' on the top level Ubuntu Do I need to install ssh server on that Ubuntu Or do you think there might be another reason for connection refusal

I would appreciate much if somebody can help me resolve this.

Thanks & best regards,

Hamid Sultan