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fuel-plugin deployment problem


I'm trying to deploy some fuel-plugins in my mirantis openstack environment. but, once I install the fuel plugins, then provisioning of OS during deployment always fail(log shows that there is no response from mcollective agent on the nodes), as long as I removed these plugins, everything works fine.

I googled a little, find maybe that's because the nodes have no or limited internet access, and deployment of fuel-plugin may require internet access to download additional package, is that true?

I'm using fuel 7.0(ubuntu 14.04), and I use the local mirror(fuel-createmirror) and install the plugins including zabbix, LMA collector, elasticsearch/kibana and influxdb. for some reason, in my environment, only http request can go through the proxy, but https request can't.

so I want to ask, is it necessary for fuel 7.0 to get internet access for environment when deploy plugins? if my environment must behind the proxy, how to set it to let fuel use it when deploying plugins.

best regards.