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Fuel PXE boot defaults to node "boot menu" with options for CENTOS and UBUNTU. However neither boots into a state that can be used by the master node. Can anyone help?

When attempting to set up a set of Dell 2950s nodes for use with a Fuel based install of openstack, all of them boot from the PXE then immediately default to a "boot menu"" screen. On that screen there is a very short timer that will automatically boot the original OS if I don't catch it. If I do catch it then I can select from what looks like CENTOS, UBUNTU and UBUNTU bootstrap images. None of the UBUNTU images work. When I select the CENTOS image it begins to boot then prompts me for the location of the install image after choosing the language.

After reading the fuel user guide and several developer websites I assumed that I needed to wait awhile to see if the node would show up on the dashboard. Its been over an hour and nothing. I have tried waiting on the "boot menu" stage and the post CENTOS selection stage. Nothing.

Can anyone help me understand what I am supposed to do next?