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Can't open console from Chrome after recent update

I have Openstack Juno RDO installed on two CentOS 7 nodes (one controller node, and another Nova node). The system was installed about half a year ago and everything was working just fine. Then, last week, I decided to update it via "yum update". And after the update I can't open console any more via the Chrome browser - it shows grey window with "Loading" status at the top and Shutdown / Reboot / Reset buttons at the top-right. This happens for instances running on both nodes. I'm absolutely positive that this worked just fine before the update - so it must be related to it, and not some Chrome update. What's even more weird - the console works just fine from the Firefox browser on the same PC (took me some time to discover it).

When I'm trying to access console from Chrome, I see correct token being issued in nova-consoleauth log and "ignoring socket not ready" error in nova-novncproxy log ( is my PC's address):

2015-10-11 09:50:18.667 10085 INFO nova.console.websocketproxy [-] ignoring socket not ready

Any ideas of what's going on?