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Mirantis Openstack iso boot


I am following the Mirantis 7.0 User Guide ( to download and install Fuel.

Apparently it's as easy as downloading an ISO and bootup your machine from it (tried with a remote mount and a directly burned DVD with the same results).

When I boot up the machine I do get a "Welcome to Fuel Installer" menu but when I select the "DVD Fuel Install (Static IP)" I get: "Error 15: File not found".

Has anyone run into this situation? I did check the md5 and the checksums match, plus I tried both the Mirantis 7.0 and 6.1 version with the same error.

On Mirantis install, the ISO is probably the easiest way but is there any other way to get the mirantis packages and install them manually if I don't have any other option?