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Nova-network - default network for tenant, external default gateway per network

Hi All,

I am a rookie OpenStack builder :)

I am building my first OpenStack network and it's dev network/stack with old nova-network model and the following assumptions for the network design:

  • each compute node is having 2 ifaces: eth0(management network with static IP, no vlans) and eth1(tenants networks, vlans, no IP)

  • each dev team is having a separate user/tenant and manage it's own instances (basic stuff)

  • each network is separated (done via vlanmanager)

  • only 1 network per tenant called "private". I don't want to have floating IPs. This network provides the external access. I am creating them by the following command:

    nova-manage network create--fixed_range_v4 --vlan 700 --project_id xxxxxx --dns1 --dns2 --label private --bridge br700 --multi_host T

QUESTION: does the auto network assigned possible here? I have found following option in the nova configuration options: default_access_ip_network_name = None "Name of network to use to set access IPs for instances" This is the option? I am using user admin to spawn the instances and it doesn't work.

  • The NAT is disabled (done via routing_source_ip= command) and it should done by the default gateway in each VLAN (for example: in the given network I have created it is This is the physical firewall IP.

QUESTION: how to point each tenant's network to the gateway in a dedicated vlan? I know the there is the --gateway option while creating the network. The problem is that when I am using it the compute node gets this IP address ... Any suggestion/idea here?

Kind regards,