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Verify networks in Fuel failed due to 2 DHCP servers


I have 2 phsical NIC`s in each of my following nodes. 1. Fuel master (eth0 - external access, eth1 - ÀDMIN(PXE))

  1. Controller node (eth0 - Public network/external access (untaggged), eth1 - ADMIN(untagged), Storage (tagged), Mgmt(tagged))

  2. Compute node (eth0 - Public network/external access(untagged), eth1 - ADMIN(untagged), Storage (tagged), Mgmt(tagged)).

When i clicked verify networks in Fuel, it failed because i have 2 DHCP servers (one is my router which is connected to internet and other is FUEL). I don have any administrative rights to disable DHCP server in my router. Kindly provide some adivce to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance!!!