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Does anyone use Cisco VIRL?

Incase it isn't obvious, I am a complete noob. I just heard about openstack when I started using VIRL. VIRL implements openstack as I understand it.

I am trying to use a custom VM inside VIRL. I followed the creating an image guide here:

I had to make a few tweeks to get it to work since it's an XP image

virt-install --connect qemu:///system \
--name xpsmall --ram 512 --vcpus 1 \
--network network=default,model=virtio \
--disk path=/home/truno/xp.qcow2,format=qcow2,device=disk,bus=ide \
--cdrom /home/truno/tinyxp.iso \
--disk path=/home/truno/virtio-win-0.1.109_x86.vfd,device=floppy \
--vnc --os-type windows --os-variant winxp

After that I installed a few missing drivers and I uploaded it to VIRL. Done and done. it worked like a charm with one exception. The Mouse doesn't work properly. I VNC through HTTP and the mouse is all screwed up. I read that this is a bug in nova {what ever that is} according to this

now my question is how do I get that tablet installed when creating a VM? VIRL allows for options such as the ones bellow in the picture. I got the list of options from except nowhere on that page does it give me the magic syntax to make the input tablet. How do I fix the VNC mouse issue? What are the commands that let me change the input type? Do I have to create the USB tablet at the beginning when creating the image? image description