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what's the best method for adding trove to an existing RDO packstack environment?

just like the question asks...

i have a perfectly good, working instance of RDO on CentOS 7.x...and I don't want anything to change. however, during my packstack run I didn't enable the trove features. as luck would have it...i would like to add them. my understanding is that i could re-run packstack against my generated answers file, but i have a lot of custom users added with assigned roles, i have a lot of instances running for a microservices architecture demo running (atomic, kubernetes, docker vs a coreos, kubernetes, docker, etc.). in past experience, it seems that packstack will set some things back to default (passwords are understandable, if these are changed after the initial packstack run). what is the best way of adding trove with as little disruption to my existing environment as possible? i really don't want much to's working perfectly as it is. i tried looking through the RDO documentation, but while some of it is extremely useful, some of it is outdated...

thanks for the help/suggestions!