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How to automate OpenStack deployment without installing new OS?

Hi community,

Please excuse my English. I know it is bad. :)

We have our private Ubuntu-based OS installed on our nodes (20+). We want to deploy OpenStack on top of them. I tried to use Mirantis Fuel to automate the deployment in the first place. But it would erase the OS preinstalled and install a new Ubuntu/CentOS on every machine.

It seems like many OpenStack distros like Mirantis, Ubuntu, SUSE, aim to deploy OpenStack on bare metals. But in our case we must have our private OS on our nodes.

Do any of you have any suggestion for me to do automate OpenStack deployment on existing OS? What tools do you recommend? Basically, we are looking for tool to: 1. install Openstack on existing OS, 2. support HA, 3. ability to install plugin we developed.

Thank you!