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Problem deploying Kilo devstack on Ubuntu 14.0.4

Hi Team,

I am new to openstack and i am trying to learn it by setting up through devstack.

My environment: I am running on my laptop as VM (VMware workstation), i have installed Ubuntu 14.0.4 LTS already.

I am following below guides

I created another user with name stack and when i try to run ./ below is the error. Can anyone help me?

stack@naman-virtual-machine:~/devstack$ git branch * stable/kilo stack@naman-virtual-machine:~/devstack$ stack@naman-virtual-machine:~/devstack$ ls extras.d inc doc files lib tests driver_certs functions LICENSE tools eucarc functions-common MAINTAINERS.rst samples tox.ini exerciserc FUTURE.rst Makefile setup.cfg exercises gate openrc HACKING.rst pkg stackrc stack@naman-virtual-machine:~/devstack$ ./ [sudo] password for stack: stack is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported.

thanks naman