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ceilometer meter-list results in “The service catalog is empty."

I have a multinode kilo installation (with controller, compute, network node) and I am trying to install ceilometer on it. I have been following the openstack kilo installation guide. The installation seems to be fine but when I run the "ceilometer meter-list" command to verify if ceilometer is been properly installed I get “The service catalog is empty." as output.

I looked for an answer on web and found that there are some issue of Ceilometer version 1.13(something) with V3 and it was suggested to upgrade python-ceilometerclient. Used the command "pip install --upgrade python-ceilometerclient".

Now I am getting an error as : ('Connection Aborted.' ,error(111,'connection refused'))

Kindly suggest what should be done to rectify this issue.