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Images or Snapshot images are not visible (is_public=false)

Havana + Ubuntu

1.  I created 3 images using glance. 
2.  When i execute 'glance image-list' or 'nova image-list',  images were listed.

Case#2 - After 2-3 days
1. Created/added few more images through glance. 
2. Created snapshot images from horizon dashboard.
3. Newly created images are not visible when i execute 'glance image-list' or 'nova image-list'. It displays only the images created earlier(case#1).

I looked at the glance db 'images' table. is_public was set to false for newly created images. I used 'glance image-update' command and set the is_public=true. Images started showing. Updating the db directly also works.

Questions :
1. Is there any global flag such that images created are always visible. i.e is_public = true.
2. Why the snapshot images are always created with is_public = false.