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Text editors (vim, nano, emacs) freezes my ssh session in Ubuntu instances (13.10, 13.04, and 12.04.2 server)

I have spent several days now on debugging the problem, and I can not find anything in the logs (have been looking in Grizzly's logs and in logs within the instances).

The strange thing is that everything works fine, spinning up an instants, adding a floating IP, and connecting via ssh. I can echo text into a new text file and later view the content using cat or less. However, if I try vim, nano, or emacs, my session freezes on me.

I have no problems using vim, nano, or emacs over ssh from my client on other systems (on AWS and on a local Ubuntu server) not running in my OpenStack installation.

Right now I'm stuck, and I don't find anything in the logs. I'm just hoping that a friendly guru can give me some new ideas on how to approach this strange behavior.