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HA and Load Balancing

Hello OpenStack geeks,

I am currently evaluating OpenStack as an infrastructure solution for a new cloud. I love the software and I love all components. However, there are a couple of things which drive me crazy and I am hoping that you guys can point me to the right directions. I am willing to read thousands of pages if necessary, but as it seems, I still don't know enough to find the right spots for information harvesting.

(1) HA As it seems, VMs on OpenStack are not "highly available" since the images files are stored locally and are not replicated between the Compute Nodes. How do others achieve HA with OpenStack VMs? In the official OpenStack guide, Pacemaker is described as the HA solution for the individual OpenStack components, but not VMs. How do others achieve HA for VMs and how do they replicate their images? Central storage? Any links for this topic)

(2) Load Balancing RHEV allows balancing between virtualization nodes (live migration of VMs etc.). I am well aware of the fact that OpenStack is not a virtualization solution only and not RHEV, but I keep asking myself if there is no Load Balancing built in at all? Since VMs are not "highly available", there can't be such a thing like Load Balancing between Computing Nodes. Am I right with this one? How do others balance the load on the Compute Nodes?

Any help is highly appreciated. I am not looking for someone to tell me all the stuff; but I would like to see someone pointing me at the right directions :-)

And another question: Is there a feature roadmap for OpenStack? I can not find one.

(I have played with OpenStack Grizzly.)