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Nova-compute can't connect to nova-conductor

I am running OpenStack on ubuntu icehouse, with one controller and one compute node. Controller is also acting as the network node.

After installing the compute node, I do not see it listed in the hypervisors list in the controller node. And i keep getting this message in nova-compute.log:

Timed out waiting for nova-conductor. Is it running? Or did this service start before nova-conductor?

I've tried restarting nova-conductor, rabbitmq and nova-compute in different orders, none has worked.

I have verified network connectivity between both nodes and the neutron-linuxbridge-agent on the compute node is registered on the controller under the neutron agent-list. Also verified that all rabbitmq credentials match across nodes. I can telnet from the compute node to the rabbitmq port on the controller.

What else can I check at this point?