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Problems of attaching an additional port to a vm

I used Icehouse. I want to add an additional IP to a vm. I did it like this: neutron port-create --mac-address fa:16:3e:5d:f1:80 --fixed-ip subnet_id=9735b6d4-b8a7-40ca-9582-db190db3e07d,ip_address= 9b52ccfc-73fd-49f8-b7f3-237384abf789

nova interface-attach --port-id e2f51e0c-cd6c-40da-9bb2-f54a38fd56e5 1958d7c7-3f31-4b00-9572-ccd92a4fff97

After doing above operations,I can see the port and ip '' on the vm 1958d7c7-3f31-4b00-9572-ccd92a4fff97 through herizon.And the status of the new port is UP,the admin_stat_up is TRUE. But I have two problems: 1 Using ifconfig command on this vm,I can not see the eth1 and its IP. 2 From other vm with the same subnet, I can not ping the IP

Is there anything else should I do about it?