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Cinder ImageCopyFailure Image not found

Hello all,

I am running openstack icehouse in a 3-node architecture and I am having a peculiar issue with the cinder services. I can create a volume fine but anytime I attempt to attach a volume to an instance or instantiate an image to a volume I receive an error: ImageCopyFailure Image "" Not Found The only other error I am noticing is in the nova-conductor logs which reads: Exchange.declare: (404) NOT_FOUND - no exchange "" in vhost '/' Other than that the only message of notability to me is the: WARNING cinder.context [-] Arguments dropped when creating context

Please assist as I have done research that has lead me to believe that the warning message is not a to be worried about but I am lead to assume it is the reason the volumes cannot be attached.

Whenever an instance is created regularly in the horizon dashboard, the image source name shows properly, however; when attempting to attach a volume the image name shows as "not found".

I am also detrimentally unfamiliar with the backend assembly of rabbitmq, so I am unsure if that exchange declare is even an actual issue.