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windows 7 cpu topology (sockets/cores/threads) management

Hello ! I have installed Openstack form Ubuntu 14.04 + Horizon Dashboard. Everything work properly excepted the number of recognized cores in Windows 7. I found several post and over threads about this problem but nothing to explain me clearly how to configure flavor or glance images to have for example 4 CPU in my Windows 7 guests...

I know that Windows 7 does not work with more than 2 sockets but normally it can detect 4 cores. I have try to modify manually my flavor from console with: nova flavor-key Test set hw:cpu_sockets=2 nova flavor-key Test set hw:cpu_cores=2 nova flavor-key Test set hw:cpu_threds=1

Without success.

Can anybody can explain my clearly how to do that or why I cannot do that (my OpenStack run Nova / KVM an KVM can be configured to run a precise number of sockets and cores)

Thank you.