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packstack external network behind NAT

I have a configuration where the Openstack external network is behind a firewall, like this:

(internet)--->NAT--->(Openstack External)-->(router1)...

Is there a way to specify the public IP for horizon so the correct entries are generated for Nova NOVNCPROXY and Horizon for the Apache config?

Right now my hack to get Horizon working is to do something like this:

Disable default html site

sudo mv

Enable Openstack Horizon as the default

sudo sed -i '/ServerAlias\ localhost/a ServerAlias default' /etc/httpd/conf.d/15-horizon_vhost.conf

Restart Apache for changes to take effect

sudo service httpd restart

And to get the Nova web console working (novncproxy) I do something like this:

sudo sed -i -e "s,^novncproxy_base_url=.*$,novncproxy_base_url=http://$myip:6080/vnc_auto.html," /etc/nova/nova.conf

Is there a way to accomplish this with packstack?