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Problem to load consoles with Kilo [DevStack]

Hi everyone!

I am using stable/kilo branch of devstack and when I create some instance I do not get access to the console of VM.

In Ubuntu 14.04 I have run:

  • git clone

  • git checkout stable/kilo

  • local.conf:

    disable_service n-net
    enable_service q-svc
    enable_service q-agt
    enable_service q-dhcp
    enable_service q-l3
    enable_service q-meta
  • And ./

When has finished, I can see the network topology of demo project correctly with public network and private network. Then, when I launch the instance, I can see that the status is active and with the logs that is running, but when I want to load the console I can't get it. Image1

Futrthermore, the network topology takes too long to load Image2

I can check that the instances are running:

vnx@ctrlnet-cmp1:~/devstack$ virsh list
Id    Name                           State
3     instance-00000002              running
4     instance-00000004              running
5     instance-00000006              running

But, when I try to load the console of some instance I have the same problem:

vnx@ctrlnet-cmp1:~/devstack$ sudo virsh console 3
Connected to domain instance-00000002
Escape character is ^]
error: internal error: character device <null> is not using a PTY

Does anyone have the same problem?

Thanks in advance.