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error in creating the heat domain in Identity service

when i try to setup the heat domain in keystone i am facing the below error.

root@controller:~# heat-keystone-setup-domain \
>   --stack-user-domain-name heat_user_domain \
>   --stack-domain-admin heat_domain_admin \
>   --stack-domain-admin-password 123456
heat-keystone-setup-domain: command not found

so i tried the same with heat-keystone-setup

root@controller:~# heat-keystone-setup --stack-user-domain-name heat_user_domain --stack-domain-admin heat_domain_admin --stack-domain-admin-password 123456
Authorization Failed: The resource could not be found. (HTTP 404)
[Call Trace]
[ERROR] /usr/bin/heat-keystone-setup:274 Fail to get TENANT_ID by 'token-get'

i am setting up the components in KILO release manually following the official documentation on ubuntu 14.04. how can i fix this? does the command option "heat-keystone-setup-domain" exist?