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Instance not accessible after trying the Single Flat Network config on Grizzly.


I installed an all-in-one grizzly installation on rhel6.4 and was following to get the networking done for the instance. The all-in-one installation is done on a vm which is on network and the VM's eth0 interfaces is bridged to br-ex by OVS. The tenant network type is local and am just trying to give the instance an IP from the physical network I've ( I created an external network and the subnet definition I gave as, with g/w as physical n/w gw ) and allocated 4 ips from to I've assigned the nameserver for instance to as well while defining the subnet. I created a security group with two rules, allowing ICMP and ssh traffic to the instance from anywhere. After launching the instance, it gets ip, but I can't ping/ssh to the instance.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.