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[Mirantis] Fuel OpenStack Web UI enless loading


I installed a Mirantis single node on a physical machine (HP G6).

I followed:

  1. boot CD.
  2. Automatic installation.
  3. "fuelmenu" to change the defaults.
  4. Network: (without internet access but I have a HTTP proxy to web access: if needed)
  5. Gateway:
  6. DNS:
  7. NTP:
  8. reboot.

The procedure is very easy but Web UI doesn't work, the cloud spins endless (see: 502 error). I want to prove the effectiveness of OpenStack for my business needs. After 3 months of unsuccessful attempts (RDO, OpenStack Ubuntu, HP Helion OpenStack), my hierarchy is almost convinced that OpenStack is crap :-(

image description

Thank you for reading my problem.