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no access to instance if second interface attached!


I am using openstack juno with neutron dvr!

If i start an instance with one interface and allocate a fip it workes as it should.

If i use nova attach-interface to add another nic to the instance it attachees it and i can see it in the guest OS. The problem is that when i bring up the second eth and give it a fip i cannot ping the new ip. If i attach another interface, so 3 in total, and bring it up i lose connectivity on that instance, it cuts off any fip i have had allocated to it!

This happens on any linux distro. On windows instance, it starts the same, but if i disable both network adapters and then bring them up and restart , sometimes it works and both fip are pingable.

If i use nova add-fixed-ip to an instance with only one interface, and bring them up with ifup eth0:0,eth0:1 etc., everything works fine. But this approach gives me only one network interface in the guest OS, and infinte number of veth. Some softwares require 2 eth (eg:eth0,eth1) and not virtualeth.

When i was using legacy neutron this problem did not occure.

Is this a limitation of neutron DVR?

Is there a workaround for this or i should wait for kilo release and hope that this problem would be solved!

Also, using neutron DVR, if i create another external network, it doesn't work.

Thank you!