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os-simple-tenant-usage timestamp confusion

Hi All,

If I do not provide any timestamp to API, I see following usage:

{ "total_memory_mb_usage": 0.0002503111111111111, "total_vcpus_usage": 1.2222222222222222e-7, "total_hours": 1.2222222222222222e-7, "tenant_id": "01e1e0e2e9f14b35b0411e5f024b2624", "stop": "2015-03-23T07:49:08.219488", "start": "2015-03-23T07:49:08.219477", "total_local_gb_usage": 0.0000024444444444444447 },

But If I provide timestamp of even one day, value increases significantly.

{ "total_memory_mb_usage": 202479.3772942222, "total_vcpus_usage": 98.86688344444444, "total_hours": 98.86688344444444, "tenant_id": "01e1e0e2e9f14b35b0411e5f024b2624", "stop": "2015-03-23T07:54:07.078688", "start": "2015-03-22T07:11:13.359178", "total_local_gb_usage": 1977.3376688888889 },

does it show cumulative value when timestamp is provided in the url? What is the best way to get the current usage (i.e total_memory_mb_usage) of the project? Am I looking at the right API? I can always use ceilometer APIs but wanted to find out if there is a nova API which gives me same information.

Thanks Sahil