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create an alarm in ceilometer

Hello I have a running instance of ceilometer in my system, I want to create an alarm through ceilometer without using heat template. There is a command line API called ceilometer alarm-create

 ceilometer alarm-create --name <NAME> [--project-id <PROJECT_ID>]
                               [--user-id <USER_ID>]
                               [--description <DESCRIPTION>] [--state <STATE>]
                               [--enabled {True|False}]
                               [--alarm-action <Webhook URL>]
                               [--ok-action <Webhook URL>]
                               [--insufficient-data-action <Webhook URL>]
                               [--repeat-actions {True|False}]
                               [--period <PERIOD>]
                               [--evaluation-periods <COUNT>] --meter-name
                               <METRIC> [--statistic <STATISTIC>]
                               [--comparison-operator <OPERATOR>] --threshold
                               [--matching-metadata <Matching Metadata>]

Now I want the alarm such a way that it will trigger an instance creation after a value is greater than the threshold. I know that [--alarm-action <webhook url="">] serves the purpose. But what should i put in the Webhook url?? How do i genereate a webhook url which will tell ceilometer to create an instance? Can some bpdy help me with regards to this web hook url