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Tenant network dropping packets

Good Morning Ask Openstack,

Today I have a fairly major problem, I have to instances on my openstack setup both attached to the same networks (BlueReef-PublicNet and BlueReef-ServiceNet). Instance A is setup to be a gateway for network trafice and instance is setup to use A as it's default gateway via BlueReef-ServiceNet.

When I try to do anything internet based I can see the traffic passing through the gateway, out the other side and the response coming back to the gateway, the gateway sends it back to instance B but it never gets there.

Some where along the way the packets are being dropped on BlueReef-ServiceNet but that thing is, if I do a ping or arping to or from the gateway I get a response perfectly fine.

The network in my setup are VLANs, BlueReef-Public net being VLAN 500 and is an external network, BlueReef-Service net is VLAN 501 and doesn't touch the internet what so ever.

If anyone at all can help here I would much appreciate it!