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Error while installing openstack using devstack

  • git_timed clone git:// /opt/stack/requirements
  • local count=0
  • local timeout=0
  • [[ -n 0 ]]
  • timeout=0
  • timeout -s SIGINT 0 git clone git:// /opt/stack/requirements Cloning into '/opt/stack/requirements'... fatal: unable to connect to Name or service not known

  • [[ 128 -ne 124 ]]

  • die 689 'git call failed: [git clone' git:// '/opt/stack/requirements]'
  • local exitcode=0
  • set +o xtrace [Call Trace] ./ /home/stack/devstack/lib/infra:33:git_clone /home/stack/devstack/functions-common:623:git_timed /home/stack/devstack/functions-common:689:die [ERROR] /home/stack/devstack/functions-common:689 git call failed: [git clone git:// /opt/stack/requirements] Error on exit World dumping... see /opt/stack/logs/worlddump-2015-03-12-105935.txt for details stack@openstack:~/devstack$ ls