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number of cpu's required for openstack nodes

Please I'm new to openstack and I've successfully installed openstack havana on unbuntu, using two nodes as a testing environment. I need to provide the hardware requirements for a functional environment. I'm trying to setup openstack to provide a traditional desktop application such as an IDE as a SaaS. My confusion is with the number of CPU's required per node. On the Openstack juno install-guide, under the hardware requirments, it is specified that the compute node for example, should have 2-4+ CPU. My question is what do they mean by CPU in this case? do they mean the number of separate physical processors on a single node or the number of cores within a single physical processor? Will using a comodity pc with a single intel core i7 processor for a compute node in a production environment be okay? please i need your help as this idea of CPU and processor is not really clear to me. thanks