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TCP/SSH not working with VM

I have a three node Juno installation, 1 controller/neutron node, 2 compute nodes. I cannot SSH/TCP to VM. Following things are working fine: 1) Ping from both internal and external network to VM 2) SSH from host machines to VM 3) SSh from VM to external machine 4) TCP or HTTP from VM to external machine 5) UDP traffic from both internal and external network to VM

However whenever I try to make TCP connection or do SSH/HTTP connection to VM from external world, the TCP connection gets broken. I have created a security group with following parameters for the VM, which mean all traffic allowed: Rule : “Other Protocol” Direction: Ingress Ip Protocol : -1 Remote: CIDR CIDR:

The behaviour that I have observed is that the TCP connection gets successful first but immediately then a out-of-order TCP acknowledgement comes from external gateway IP (IP allocated to br-ex on neutron node) which causes the reset of the TCP connection.

Also I tried changing the MTU size from standard 1454 (dhcp-option-force=26,1454) to 1400 as suggested in some of the solution for similar problem, but changing to 1400 also did not helped.

This is happening with both sample Cirros OS or the Ubuntu Trusty image used for VM instantiation.

Kindly suggest what is the issue in my configuration and help resolve this issue. I cannot attach files as this is my first query on this list and do not have enough points to upload files.