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Low-Budget Cluster with OpenStack?

Hey there,

I´m currently using Proxmox (based on KVM with some cluster functionalities) on 3 physical servers, each with one public interface and a private interface connected on a separate switch. As storage, I use the local drives as Ceph-Storage with Monitor and OSDs on every node. For public network connectivity, I´ve got "Failover-IPs" by my Rootserver Provider, which I´m doing iptables SNAT and DNAT from Failover-IPs to internal IP´s located on my Routing-Firewall-HA-VM (based on pfSense). Those IP´s are bound/routed to the physical servers public IP, so only one server at a time can be reached by those Failover-IPs - that´s why I need SNAT/DNAT. (e.g. public -> node1 <-SNAT/DNAT-> internal

I´ve now read some things about OpenStack, and I´m really excited (even tried it out with Single-Node). My question now is, can the above setup be also built with OpenStack? Hosting every piece of OpenStack on every physical node, clustered?

Thanks in advance!

BR, Stefan