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nova service-list fails after nova-api-metadata installed

I am installing Juno, and when I execute the following:

apt-get install nova-network nova-api-metadata

aptitude removes nova-api, and this appears to preclude me from using nova-compute. The command:

nova service-list

Gives me an error. It seems mainly that that the removal of the nova-api package removes the nova-compute functionality. I can re-install nova-api (and remove nova-api-metadata) to get my project working again.

I am in the early stages of deployment of my first openstack, and am trying to build it on 2 hosts. The hosts are fairly high powered with dual socket multicore processors and 48G or better RAM. I had hoped to use host 1 for: controller compute storage network

I just wonder if this will provide to be an insurmountable problem. Is this nova-api-metadata issue a known bug?