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Openstack orchestration of OpenShift without heat

Hi there

I am currently working on a university project for my university which involves in deploying OpenShift onto a company’s OpenStack. We were very close to deploying OpenShift to find out that the companies OpenStack, heat and Keystone is not working. To fix it they need to upgrade their OpenStack however it will be done in 2 months or later, which is a problem because I need to finish the development by 2 months.

The University requires that I get OpenShift operation on the companies OpenStack, so I have bodge it by just uploading a broker image for the mean time.

So is there another way to orchestrate OpenShift on OpenStack without heat because from what I have read is that Heat is a core feature of OpenStack to orchestrate? I have been advised to use ansible is a good orchestration tool but a little unsure how that helps. Would appreciate some advice to where I should be looking. Thanks