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failed delete cinder


I have a stack that contains the below resources: nova-server,cinder-volume,volume-attach and flot-ip.

Sometimes when I try to delete the stack it's failed on delete cinder ( volume ). In dashboard the volume in status In-Use but not attached to anyone.

in nova-compute.log I see the below error

ERROR nova.compute.manager [req-3520f25c-b5a1-440a-9b57-8bbd101da735 3a4b320c214a43f38b8827fc9fdf3d89 6e2d443f74c3467f9bf238ca3f23ba63] [instance: b35bad40-245e-45ac-84d5-5e5895fef86f] Failed to detach volume 9dc8fe05-47e8-4ac5-bf5d-0bf13b542680 from /dev/sdb

Do I need to do something before I delete the stack ?